Fabulous Friday 2020, XXI

Fabulous Friday 2020, XXI

Happy Weekend!

We had all the birthdays this week. I ventured out and made Ryan a chocolate mousse cheesecake. He LOVES the one from Marietta Diner. I didn’t want to compete with that one but I gave it a try for something similar.

I was on call for work on Tuesday night and I cannot explain how glorious it was. Nightshift is like tragic for me. I’ve tried to embrace the suck and act the way you want to feel and all the things. It’s definitely better than it has been in the past but I still face a general sense of dread and depression almost like homesickness feel that I don’t experience doing the same job during the day.

I finally finished one of my raised beds. The other one needs some leveling work. Trying to decide how to best do that. It’s next to an old stump with roots so I am thinking digging down on the one side won’t be easy or work so maybe using some garden stones to raise up the other side. Work in progress.

I also added some wooden planters to the porch. They are so cute. I have tomatoes and peppers in them that my friend gave me.

I’m trying to get upstairs completely organized before Bug comes. It’s overwhelming and honestly boils down to we have too much stuff despite the great purge of 2019 before we moved states and then the clean out I did earlier this year before we moved recently. I did find the most perfect Lilly quilt at Pottery Barn. I wish it came in a king size. Mermaids on one side and turtles on the other.

I successfully gave Ry a much needed hair cut this week. All this hair and there is still some left on his head.

We tried the Chick-fil-A meal kit this week. It was yummy. Next time I might just use the chicken to make the chicken parm and get all the other ingredients from home.

Bear Bryant said call your mama and Saban says wear your mask.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



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