Fabulous Friday 2020, XIX

Fabulous Friday 2020, XIX

Happy Friday!

I hope May is treating you well. I feel as if it can only go up from here right?

It’s Nurses Day/week. Its been 11 years since this picture. But also it was like two years ago right? It feels like 11 years in a way but it also does not feel like 2009 was that long ago.

I spent some time out on HI. Found some treasures and some trash.

Hunting Island has a turtle nest. Im interested to see how this season is going to go.

Em requested a mermaid cookie cake for her birthday. I decided to try to do something a bit different than your round decorated cake. I tried a practice run and they turned out great. I will add some icing details for the actual birthday ones.

Full moon vibes. Do you do anything to connect more deeply with the universe and yourself? There are nice natural built in reminders to slow down and connect built into mother Earth’s cycles. I love to watch the water and moon cycles here. Which reminds me where does the water go when it is t high tide does it pull to and away from the poles or more east/west? The things I wonder about.

Well update good ole Google just taught me that is circumferential rather than a north/south or towards the poles pull. It bulges out closes to the moon and on the opposite side of the Earth. Pretty cool.

Happy weekend.



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