Fabulous Friday 2020, XVIII

Fabulous Friday 2020, XVIII

Happy Friday! Hunting Island opens back up today and I am so excited. A little heartbroken to not be doing the turtle conservation project but hopefully before summers end.

The Jasmine in permeating the air with it’s intoxicating perfume. I love it.

Chick-fil-A is starting a meal kit. I hope our Chick-fil-A has this so we can try it. PS Chick-fil-A I have been using a “meal kit” from you to make buffalo chicken fries so if you want to collaborate then well I’m here.

I slept most of the week sleeping after working last weekend.

I’m off for a few days now so I took some time to do my toes and nails.

This week’s flowers. I can’t wait to continue the doorstep flower delivery in May.

More great work on emotions and this pandemic from Brene Brown.

I watched sunrise from the JC bridge this morning. It was beautiful.

I hope this is true about football but only if everyone can be safe and healthy.

Happy Weekend!



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