Fabulous Friday 2020, XVII

Fabulous Friday 2020, XVII

It’s the weekend, well sorta. We both work so it does not feel like much of a weekend.

This week’s blooms. I’m sad this delivery will be over soon.

My hydrangea babies are thriving. Maybe next year I can give some away, after I propagate off these.

This is an awesome bioluminescent video.

Found these Mickey Ice Cream sandwiches at Walmart. They also had a Star Wars version.

Although turtle season is going to look alot different this year, no interventions for now, I am excited to see Mama tracks on the beach soon. Hopefully things will be the new normal but allowing nest moving etc by mid season.

The popular Netflix show Outer Banks was partially filmed on Hunting Island. That is literally the only reason I am watching.

I bought an electric tea kettle from Walmart recently. It’s a nice addition.

I have been working on Em’s 10th birthday surprise. I can’t wait to get it to her. I’m going to send it for printing on Monday because Artifact Uprising is having a sale and also because I could sit and arrange and rearranged for forever.

Happy Weekend!



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