Fabulous Friday 2020, XVI

Fabulous Friday 2020, XVI

It’s Friday and our weekend off.

I purchased this beautiful bag from Able. I had a % off leather code. They are based in Nashville and employ women around the world. It’s definitely a company I can get behind. I’m conditioning the leather and it really elevated the beauty.

Im making Em a photo album for her tenth birthday. Its required alot of thinking when did this happen etc. 2013 and up are pretty easy as I started using Amazon photos and then Google to store pics. But before that I used iCloud which I don’t think I can access anymore.

The first Covid patient treated at Beaufort Memorial went home this week.

I’m actually have a week of no nightshift but I am doing a couple of half dayshifts. Whooo!

I have a few or one who knows hummingbird at my feeder but haven’t been able to take a picture yet. He is quick.

I’m looking for a feel good fiction book. Any suggestions?

The squirrels remind me of trapeze artist.

Happy Weekend! Enjoy!



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