Fabulous Friday 2020, XV

Fabulous Friday 2020, XV

Happy Good Friday. Man, what a time. I hope you are staying well and hanging in there. I hope you have been able to find joys in these new normal, I hope you are holding space for yourself to grieve the losses of our old normal, I hope you are able to turn of the news and social media to connect with yourself and your family, I hope you know it’s ok to not be a hundred percent productive. I’ve seen memes about saving humanity with Netflix and chill essentially but it’s not that easy is it? Give yourself and your people and the world grace. I can’t wait to see how a more beautiful world awaits us on the other side of this.

Blooms of the week.

I feel like all I did this week was work and sleep and that is essentially is true.

I did get my zinnias and sunflowers started but I need to get a raised bed up here and that requires a non essential trip to Lowe’s. It is fun to watch these plant babies grow.

These are two new to me songs I have been enjoying, The Breakup Song and Peace on this Land.

I started and finished this book in a matter of days. It’s exquisite. It’s full of adventure, magic, love and just the right amount of hurt. I’m going to rate this on the top books list of books I have ever read.

I’m loving Brene Brown’s new podcast Unlocking Us, especially the one with Glennon Doyle on her new book, Untamed.

This little guy has been a lovely snuggle buddy this week.

Lilly is having a 30% off sale. I have done my diligence this week to keep the economy going while we are still a two income household. I’ll share my buys when they arrive. Don’t forget to support small, local and give if you are able!

Happy Weekend! Stay healthy and well.



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