Fabulous Friday 2020, XIV

Fabulous Friday 2020, XIV

Happy Friday!

We finally got the old rental cleaned and turned in the keys. Glad that’s over.

I hung happy lights on our back porch. Also working on getting some classic white lights up so we can be classic, elegant or happy, party.

I worked this beginning of the week then had my sleep schedule totally messed up. Like today I woke up at almost one pm which for me is bonkers.

Grew this beauty in a portable pot. Isn’t she gorgeous? So many beautiful flowers around these days.

Ryan’s and I were able to pick fresh, local strawberries while practicing social distancing earlier this week. Unfortunately they are closed for the weekend but hopefully open with more ripe berries soon.

This lady was working in a nest in our yard of the old rental. She got scared but hung around a bit. She looked thirsty so I turned on the water.

My local studio has started online Yoga Spa with live yoga Zoom classes, yoga for later viewing and wellness center. Here is a link to join.

I porch dropped these little happies from my own garden in the past week. How are you spreading joy during this time?

We had a waterfront picnic, safe social distancing. It was refreshing to be by the water.

Alicia Keys on Colbert was great. Loved her quarantine song.

A local farm here delivers flowers one day a week for the month of April. I selected the bucket option so I can arrange for my enjoyment. These are beautiful and such a happy sight currently.

Ryan let me trim his hair, I promise he has some left.

Emily Ley launched her 2020-2021 academic planners this week. It was such a lovely, normal thing to have to look forward too. Em and I ordered Happy Floral for our planners and I also got Pineapple Crest as my wellness tracker.

Happy Weekend!



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