Fabulous Friday 2020, XIII

Fabulous Friday 2020, XIII

Happy weekend, lovies. Admittedly nothing really feels too fabulous or to happy right now. I don’t think I am an intuitive empath, but maybe to some degree but I am definitely an emotional empath so all the feels during a world pandemic, yea feeling all the feels ten fold and it’s hard to manage at times. PS: never stop learning and growing and changing. I mean I probably don’t know enough to full fledged embrace the empath label but I think to some degree it rings true. Maybe those close to me will have insight.

It does feel like the world is on fire and all the oxygen is slowly being used up. Because of this I have really been focusing on the gratitude this week.

Tidal treasures. The beach is closing for now. It’s hard because public safety but also my sanity, holy, grounding place.

A sunrise that was pure magic.

All of my fam jam medical cousins are currently healthy.

My cousin made it home safe from Africa earlier than originally planned due to the big C.

A great book.

DIY project for more storage

New planner covers released this week.

I’m still compiling a list of all the good in the world right now stemming from Covid.

I set up camp at the beach for most of the afternoon. I debated trying to hide in the park but only had 1.5 bottles of water and one protein bar. Kidding…sorta.

I saw this homeschool method online. Well really it’s a work place method but I really think it can help alot of people to just get the things out of their brains and also see what you accomplished. I semi do this on my phone list already but like the idea of post its during an extremely difficult time.

Stay safe. Stay home. Wash your hands.



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