Fabulous Friday 2020, XII

Fabulous Friday 2020, XII

Happy Friday. What in the world is actually going on?

Covid19 essentially took over the world this week. I hope you are surviving and not you are not alone we will get through this. In currently working on a good news post because we all need it.

Since Ryan and I both work in healthcare there is no self isolating for us but we actually have had a few days off so we have been practicing social distancing. We did steal away for a few days with this angel all while still practicing social distancing and safe hygiene.

What is saving your life right now? Let’s help each other out. Not surprisingly my anxiety was through the roof, so I still have been trying to eat healthy, to limit my time on social media and the news and maintain some good routines and things I can control. Annie F Downs is in quarantine do to exposure and I am loving her daily Instastories. Gretchen Rubin also has some wonderful resources.

I have been listening to All the Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer while unpacking, it is an amazing book. PS: if you have the Hoopla app the audio version is free. What else should be on my list? I forgot I preordered Untamed by Glennon Doyle from Parnassus Books in Nashville. I got my shipping email after we changed our address but luckily it still made it.

I spent last Saturday morning watching the sunrise before my stretch of three nights in a row. I was a good morning and something I will try to do more often at the beginning of my work stretches.

My garden has been thriving with ranunclus and finally my daffodils have buds. I cant wait to get some summer seeds going.

Happy Weekend! Hang in there, we got this.



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