Fabulous Friday 2020, X & XI

Fabulous Friday 2020, X & XI

Happy moving weekend! Just kidding a wrote this last week a never finished or published it. We are basically all packed and have to load and unload the truck. It’s the packing into the boxes I think that I dread the most and that part is over. We are moved and the downstairs is pretty much done. I finally yesterday (Thursday) felt like I had accomplished somethings and had a somewhat handle on life. Upstairs is a completely different arrangement of boxes. 😂

Last week I just packed, worked, packed, worked. 😂 This week I worked, unpacked, worked and unpacked.

Last weekend was a beautiful start with voting, yoga, the Farmers Market and then the Hilton Head seafood festival. Lots of beautiful flowers and yummy bites. The universe was amazing, my friend won free tickets to the festival then walking in a lady handed us $33 worth of tickets!

Last Sunday Ryan replaced the rotors and brakes on my car while I napped for work. I managed to survive another night shift that’s two down and who knows how many to go.

This weekend starts official flip to working nights so here is the deal, if you need to call or text do it. My text will remain on silent while sleeping and my calls will remain on Do Not Disturb SO if it is an EMERGENCY then call twice to be pushed through to ring.

I did buy a bamboo weighted blanket off Amazon and I am loving it. It’s washable. Also has a cover you can buy. Super soft and has sewn squares to hold the glass beads in place. I feel like I do sleep better with it. I did not get the recommended weight because I was wishy-washy on if I would like it but I definitely do. I’d say if you want to try one out start lighter to get used to it.

I’ve been listening to a cute Sophie Kinsella book and All The Things We Cannot Say while packing/unpacking.

I realized this week we can easily hang party lights on our deck. I’m sure the neighbors would appreciate some classic white lights but man I love some good rainbow ones all mixed together like I did on our old porch.

Amid this crazy covid stuff if you or someone you know needs food for meals since their kids aren’t being fed at school, someone to talk with, love or support don’t hesitate to reach out. We are all in this together. Let’s illuminate the darkness with the light of our own souls.

Happy weekend friends!



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