Intentional Living 2020, II

Intentional Living 2020, II

The last days of the first quarter of 2020 are here! That seems crazy! It’s been a busy last week over here.

February To Das:

  • I was able to read 3 books. (Total Money Makeover; Outer Order, Inner Calm; The Four Tendencies)
  • Organized one of my closets. The other one I put off because of moving.
  • Sent a few Valentine’s snail mails.
  • Tracked my exercise and mostly consistently tracking food.
  • Journaled on a not perfect but definitely regular bases.
  • Voted.
  • Found a wellness accountability person.
  • Enjoyed Disney trips. Managed to do better on the planning of life on the return.
  • Excercised 786 minutes.
  • Found a new place to live with a second bathroom and dishwasher and still a view.
  • Started packing. Cleaned out some stuff on the packing end.
  • Grew ranunculus.
  • Worked on meal planning/prepping better.

March plans:

  • Finish packing. Declutter here.
  • Move.
  • Unpack. And also declutter here.
  • Visit Em, so excited.
  • Send snail mails.
  • Exercise (3 yoga and 3 toning per week)
  • Maintain/develop some good sleep hygiene. No matter how much I sleep I never feel quite like it’s enough on nights.
  • Financial check-ins. I have been tracking our spending for a few months using the Everydollar App.
  • Meal prep. I am determined to master this. I did well for one week. This week I ordered a meal prep box for some fresh ideas.
  • Read at least three books.
  • Go to the beach twice.

Happy March!

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