Fabulous Friday 2020, IX

Fabulous Friday 2020, IX

Happy weekend! I am pretty excited about our bonus day tomorrow. How are you going to spend it?

This week we came home from being out of town, decided to move and my work schedule flip flopped a bit. So it’s been a crazy week over here.

When we first moved to Beaufort we decided to rent, because we currently owned a house and we wanted to get a feel for the land. Recently we have looked at land for building, house to eventually be investment property and eventually but suddenly settled on the best financial decision would be take our money and fight the student loan interest monster. We luckily found a 3 bedroom townhouse with a view and a SECOND bathroom and dishwasher and more counter space. Overall it isn’t bigger than where we currently are but now maybe more people can visit with a better setup. And we move oh you know next weekend ish. Pictured above is new view. Best get to packing.

I asked people for boxes and boy did the small town life deliver!

I survived one nightshift. My body didn’t like it but I did it. I have been reading alot a out sleep lately and made some improvements to my routine. Weighted blanket. I found this bamboo one on Amazon for cheap ish. It has squares to keep the weight distributed, is washable and a super soft bamboo cover. Sound machine. And a lotion that smells calming and my body will hopefully learn this smell means sleep. Of course that day was a touch and go practice day at the air station. But Ryan saved the day by turning on the air conditioner fan. It’s really loud in the bedroom.

If you need an easy meal idea this wrap from a local pizza joint was amazing. Grilled chicken, balsamic vinaigrette, fresh motz, tomatoes and basil.

Off to packing. Need to find an awesome audiobook to accompany me.



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