Fabulous Friday 2020, VI

Fabulous Friday 2020, VI

Hi, ho, hi, ho it was off to work we go so off to Disney we can play. This past weekend I questioned why I chose to work so many days in a row but then moments like this make it worth it. Got to work to play. Got to play to live.

My family is real nickname-y and I have many roles in life that have a label. But my top three favorites, in no particular order: Katecake to my wonderful cousins beginning when we were little. Tate to precious Emilee. It’s hard to describe what a Em and Tate are but basically God gave us each other by non biological means and it’s the best ever. Cupcake to my friend’s babies. They are the sweetest and I hope they always know Cupcake is there for them and with them, to help raise them up into the amazing women they will become.

We had fun with the sweetest girls. What a joy it is for my friends to allow me to participate in their beautiful babies lives. I hope I can be the best Cupcake and bonus mom for all your lives.

If I ever get to chose my last meal, three items will come from Disney. Raspberry lime macaron, Ohana noodles and Ohana potstickers with peanuts sauce. The other portion would be Sharks fried fresh shrimp.

I find the Enneagram so interesting. This is a fun article about Valentine’s plans according to your number.

Beautycounter had been making waves this week in the beauty industry and news. If you want more information on Beautycounter feel free to message me.

Happy Weekend!



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