Fabulous Friday 2020, IV & V

Fabulous Friday 2020, IV & V

Did January seem like the longest ever and yet also 2020 is marching along?

There is a new aerial yoga place kinda ish close to Beaufort and I am excited. I took my first class there and can’t wait to get back.

At the end of last week Ryan’s parents came to visit. We tried some new places to eat, went to the beach, looked at land (and learned we can’t afford to build a house).

I roped my FIL into us making s’mores which was more than just building a fire they went to buy all the stuff while I was at the Visitor Center event. But s’mores are so fun especially when you can hear the ocean. We have a fire pit in our yard and really need to do this more.

I attended the Hunting Island State Park Visitor Center opening. It was a lovely night and such an incredible transformation. The artist, park staff and FOHI board did an amazing job.

We walked to the waterfront Sunday for exercise and a picnic. In the words of Lilo my fish tacos feel like somewhat of an abomination right in front of our fish friends, but delicious and a very scenic abomination.

I spent the beginning of this week in Birmingham with my baby Em. Gosh she will be ten this year. Such a sweet, loving angel.

Where are the self driving, fast Jetson cars. I need to be able to get to and from Alabama while car napping even if Ryan isn’t with me. Driving is so hard. Also why can’t America have an amazing train system like Europe. Wouldn’t that be grand!

I gave my monstera a new, bigger home. He is looking a little worse for the wear. Hope he perks up. I also got this cute crystal plant stake online.

Krispy Kreme has new mini doughnuts and everything is cuter in mini sized. Kittens, puppies, babies, doughnuts.

Happy Weekend! Welcome February!



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