Fabulous Friday 2020, III

Fabulous Friday 2020, III

Happy, happy Friyay!

How yummy is this fry board. Wouldn’t a loaded fry bar be cute too? I’ve got all kinds of dreams about that. Now I need an excuse to have one!

Trying some cupping for my tight muscles. We will see. I figured if Michael Phelps did it then surely it worked. Ha! Bought this set off Amazon. It comes with an extension tube and it is easy to use on yourself.

Ryan and I are catching up on season 4 of Outlander. I have to say it seems to be a few things off from the book or maybe I just don’t remember. I find the tension between Bri and Jamie to be weird.

This little Cosmo popped up this week. The weather has been crazy which has making the flowers crazy. But what a little magic and joy to see this in the middle of January.

We added a new meal to our rotation, breakfast croissants. Ryan also found and tried the parchment paper bacon method. It was delicious. I told him now he can be my bacon cooker.

I attended a Friends of Hunting Island board meeting last Sunday, this was the pier. So stunning. This is a colored no filter photo.

Of course with the fog I had to stop on the beach to grab some photos. I found some treasures while there.


Our work days took it out of both of us this week so we have done not much of anything on our days off.

We did go check out some land and do a little dreaming. No solid plans though, just in the dreaming stage.

This week Glennon Doyle posted on Instagram how her dad walks the beach every morning picking up shells, he then glues pearls to them and returns them to the edge of the surf during the day for kids to find. She went on to say how the world was magic but someone has to make it magical. What truth. Have you made magic for someone today? Have you looked for the magic that the universe already has offered to us?

Happy Weekend!



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