Fabulous Friday 2020, II

Fabulous Friday 2020, II

Happy Friday!

2020 is roaring right along.

Finally caught up on our yearly photo albums and travel albums. I meant to get started the year we got married but got behind but finally I have caught up. I do have to do 2019 and Iceland/Norway. Feel free to look at them when you visit.

We had a cheese plate picnic this week. So yummy!

I straightened/cleaned our party this week. Always such a calming effect.

Know your beauty products and maybe not purchase outside of the US unless it’s Canada or the EU which has stricter laws that the US! Hopefully one day we will live in a world in which all beauty products are safe.

While in Charleston we stocked up on some goodies. I am excited about work lunch tomorrow.

Feeling lucky to live in a beautiful, historic city in between two other beautiful, historic cities.

We went to the drive-in this week to see Frozen 2 and Star Wars. Unfortunately the car died into Star Wars so we left. But Frozen 2 was still great!

Happy Weekend!



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