Fabulous Friday 2020,I

Fabulous Friday 2020,I

Happy first Friday of the new decade. Have you lost some of your goals already or maybe not started yet? No worries there’s nothing magical about January 1. Just do those little steps.

We got home from the Christmas rounds last weekend. Worn out, with a cluttered house, and work in the too close future. I am desperately working on battling this. You would think as much as we travel I would have a great routine by now. I think a big road block is working typically the day before and after we leave to maximize that travel. Any tips?

Luckily I has three days off mid week, finally making some progress. I took Christmas down sadly and probably the earliest I ever have. Cleaned and straightened. We had the great purge of 2019 to move here and I feel the purge of 2020 coming. The less stuff you have the less crap there is to clean, right?

Wednesday we watched the annual Pelican Plunge. It was fun to see. I do say my family wouldn’t count most of the plunging as plunging since really your head needs to go under. I plunged in July 2019 in the Arctic Circle. We will count that.

Watched some Bama football. 246 days til Gameday. The countdown is on.

I blogged about 2019 and 2020 goals.

I took myself on a library and walk date at the waterfront. Soaked up some vitamin D and Sea before this soaking rain arrives. Also found some new good books.

My sweet friend Lauren had heart surgery today. It went well. But please keep her family in your prayers. She has two littles and a long recovery ahead.

I’ve been trying to follow the Clean Mama routine to keep our house in order. It’s do hard to be motivated to clean after a 13 hour work day, especially when you return the next day.

Happy Weekend! We both work so not feeling too much like the weekend here.



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