Fabulous Friday 2019, XLIX

Fabulous Friday 2019, XLIX

Happy almost Saturday! Oops, didn’t mean to stay up so late.

This past week we built Em an American Girl doll bed. We used these plans. It turned out better than I hoped! We did add an extra inch in length to the bed.

I made a Grinch and a Frozen version of my Team Spirit Cookie Dough Bites. I love how versatile, fun and happy different sprinkles can make them. I used blue and white chocolate chips I found at Walmart for the Frozen ones.

This adoption story is lovely.

This week my mama had a heart health scare/event. Please send continued prayers. Thank you to those that reached out. Most thankful to Teddy for dropping his life to be there and to communicate with the doctors and his crazy sisters. My preceptor at work for listening to me stress and agonize for days straight. And most importantly my tribe, the ones that have continued to check in, offer support and the wise, wise woman who reminded me I am not alone in this even though if feels like we are missing a few humans to help deal. We are not alone in this and even though we are all very, very tired we are rockstars who will buckle down and handle the shit storms of life with grace, love, Diet Coke, chocolate, thousands of transcontinental texts, warm baths, and each other.

And doctors of the world be warned we are a force with knowledge (at times too much knowledge it makes us crazier cause we know what is going on or could happen), questions and brains. Your friendly reminder that heart and veins and arteries on that table are attached to a body, a soul, a mama, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a friend and if it was your family you would have a thousand questions as well. So don’t be an ass about us wanting the details and asking questions. No we aren’t the experts in your field but we do know you are human which makes you capable of mistakes and maybe probably not actually the expert in your field.

On a happier note. I got more fairy hair today and saw Frozen 2. Y’all Disney just stop please don’t go for Frozen 3, you knocked it out of the park with this one. Elsa and Anna slayed, Olaf dropped some wise truths and Christof was a great support to some strong force women. Bravo. If you haven’t seen it, highly recommend.

Working on getting those Christmas cards out so if you want one or your address has changed let me know!

Still gathering some things for the 25 days of #rileykateslovies as always no pressure but if you want to spread some love in her honor I have cards I can send.

Happy Weekend! Still hoping to savor some football tomorrow despite the outcome of my Tides season.



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