Fabulous Friday 2019, XLVI

Fabulous Friday 2019, XLVI

Happy Weekend!

We are getting into the thick of college football which means it’s almost over. Tears.

Im in week three on my unit and trying to remember I felt scattered and like I was never going to learn it all when I started my other three nursing jobs over 8 years ago.

I may have full fledged decorated for Christmas including my ocean tree which will be hard not to leave up alllllll the time.

Ryan and I have been working opposite days so can’t wait for some adventures together soon.

I’ve been at the meal planning for two weeks and all ready I am ready to meal plan by throwing pizza slices in lunch containers. The fact that we need to eat is kind of annoying when one is trying to save time and money.

We did have shrimp on toast after spending some time on the beach last weekend. So simple but dang delicious.

It is already feeling cold here and apparently it will just get colder.

I got a phone upgrade and a new not cute case because I can’t seem to not drop it.

I did something terrifying and beautiful today. I’ll share one day.

Tom’s Christmas shoes are always adorable.

Thursday was the annual Turtle Talk and Tapas. A fun night and special thanks to the group that talked and included me since most of my team was elsewhere.

Enjoy the days!



PS: Roll Tide! 🐘🏈❤️

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