Fabulous Friday 2019, XLV

Fabulous Friday 2019, XLV

Happy November!

Last weekend I went to Savannah for a craft fair. Got a few Christmas gifts. Had lunch with a friend. Also unfortunately had to air up a flat tire and have it repaired.

I started my orientation on the floor this week. Phew, going from not working to three 12s in a row was rough. But glad to have a long stretch this weekend.

Mainly, I went to yoga, straightened the house and rested these past two days.

We had a few trick or treaters and it was fun. Next year I might have to make friends with someone who gets many trick or treaters and hang out.

The weather is smashingly beautiful today. Cool, bright and sunny. We took down our destroyed gazebo. Just when the weather was perfect.

One of my greatest adult truths. Unapologetically do you. Tell everyone else to stay in their lane. Of course being you cant harm other people. Putting up my new ocean Christmas tree harms no one so judge not. It is not perfect but not bad for $40.

We have enjoyed watching the snowbirds drive their big boats down the ICW.

Happy Weekend! Enjoy!



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