Fabulous Friday 2019, XLIII

Fabulous Friday 2019, XLIII

Happy weekend! Can you believe we are entering the holiday stretch.

Spent a few days last weekend celebrating this beautiful woman and her husband. Detroit was much prettier than I imagined.

Found this beauty in our yard. Such fun to find things we you move.

I started hospital orientation this week. I think I am going to love the small town, home town. I thought I was immediately going to orient on nightshift but blessings of blessings I get to orient on dayshift. Honestly my mental capacity/reserve was not ready for the way nights messes with my body/mind. So I feel better already. Time to get the house in tip top organized shape and get meal planning under control.

I am TRYING to get this meal plan thing under control. Any ideas? I have been to the grocery three times this week. Well once was for shots but I still bought stuff.

Pumpkins and flamingos sums up life here. The weather has been gorgeous this week.

Heartwarming and beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend!



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