Fabulous Friday 2019, XLII

Fabulous Friday 2019, XLII

Happy Weekend! It feels like Fall. It is so glorious.

I took a tour of the Southeast this past weekend. Almost to Mississippi then to North Carolina and back to SC. I got some quality time in my with mini BFF and cousins.

Em and I went to Pepper Place and spent the day together. Such a wonderful little bug. We made a graze board together. Favor? Will you pray for me and this sweet mini BFF? The demons have been raging this week making me feel so guilty about moving away from her. She is always in my heart and mind and we are connected but this week I have just been so worried that I have cause irreversible psychological damage by moving away. Those close to me know the whole story. Its not only mine so I wont elaborate but please just send some good vibes and prayers. Guilt, regret and sadness have been dominating my days lately.

I kept my cousins in CLT. We rode bikes, sang, went to Krispy Kreme and had a delightful time.

I planted 30 Daffodils, 5 Hostas, and 20 Ranunculus in the garden. Getting set for Spring. Working on collecting shells for my shell path. Could we move soon? Yes but I will enjoy it while we are here.

Trying to get the house in tip top shape before I start orientation next week. Also anxiety provoking.

Quite possibly I have a case of the wardrobe syndrome. That is what I refer to when…all the things are causing worry. New job, new people, new unit, new place, NIGHTSHIFT, Em, medical bills. All the things are thrown together rather than being able to compartmentalize them into their own drawer everything gets thrown into the wardrobe. Thus when you open it everything falls out on top of you. And the vicious cycle is in place.

I made the pizza rolls I posted about last week. Delicious again.

It is true. Although I haven’t had Diet Coke or any “Coke” except a ginger ale since October 1.

Cultivate What Matters launched the 2020 Powersheets this week. I ordered the teal one.

We spent some time at the beach yesterday. I actually got cold.

Happy Weekend! And Roll Tide.



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