Fabulous Friday 2019, XL

Fabulous Friday 2019, XL

Happy Weekend! Its the Beaufort Shrimp Festival here and I am so excited.

Last weekend we returned from our cruise. Stopped by Mickey’s house. Thanks ti me seeing him post on Instagram we were able to met up with a friend from college. Isn’t social media great when things like that happen. Epcot was INSANE, so we watched the football game at ESPN Club and spent some time in Hollywood Studios before having Ohana for dinner.

Summer Sabbatical is coming to an end. I got a job this week. Here is to an easy night adjustment, a great work family and a rewarding job. Change is so dang hard for me even good change. But I was that girl in college who walked to all of her classes before the semester started. I like to know where I am going and what is ahead, which makes for a hard emotional state during things like new jobs.

I started doing a Fall transition on my flower beds. I ordered some Daffodils and Ranunculus bulbs to plant.

I am holding strong with no Diet Coke or sodas since Oct 1. What is your favorite caffeine? I would and plan to cut down but #nightshift.

My dad, aunt, granny and cousin came to visit. Goodness he has had me laughing so hard.

We did a dolphin cruise. It was probably mine and Ryan’s 4-5 time and I continue to highly recommend it.

Beautycounter Holiday releases next week. It is so good.

Happy Weekend!



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