Tailgate Graze Board

Tailgate Graze Board

It is one of the most wonderful times of the year, football time! I recently combined two of my favorite things, graze boards and football.

This particular one is loaded up with all things Tigers. Ugh, I can not believe I said or did that but for the love of these two Clemson loving cuties. That being said easily adaptable for any team but in particular Auburn/Clemson/LSU and any other Tigers out there.

I ordered this football platter online. It was the perfect size for the three of us but for a large party you would need more space. For really large parties a few complete but smaller graze boards to spread throughout the party is a great option. This one looks cute too.

Now this board was made for me, a 7 year old and 12 year old, so you definitely can customize to your taste but this is a run down of what we used. Pizza, Harvarti cubes, Ritz, Cheeto Paws (a Tiger gameday essential), Nacho Doritos, Team Spirit Cookie Dough Bites (with orange and purple sprinkles), and Tiger Paw cheddar.

For the Tiger Paw cheddar I used this cute cookie cutter to cut the cheddar pre sliced cheddar squares. They turned out so cute. For non tigers you could grab a football cutter or animal of your choice, maybe use white cheddar instead of yellow/orange.

I ordered the cute green and white stripped cups online and added the football stickers. You could also write or add number stickers like a yard line. These are great for holding items. They wont hold liquid but cookie bites, nuts, olives or the sort.

Happy Tailgating!

Go Teams!

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