Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXVII

Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXVII

Happy Friday the 13th and full moon! Praying for you medical friends.

We spent more time than intended in Boston this past weekend thanks to Frontier. I am glad we had a buffer travel day, often we only plan to arrive home the day before work starts back.

This week has consisted of unpacking, laundry, unhurricaning, and cleaning. Glad we made it through Dorian unscathed. Incredibly grateful Hunting Island didn’t have major damage.

I blogged our Cape Cod trip. I miss that weather.

This little boy’s story touched my heart pre Dorian. I am so happy his generosity and heart were rewarded.

Dorian washed up some shells. 😍 Grabbed some oyster shells to make a path around my raised beds.

I learned a valuable lesson in regards to the cookie dough bites. Use HIGH QUALITY butter only. One can tell a major difference between say Great Value and Kerrygold. Trust me. I am a firm believer in saving money and buying generic but you get what you pay for sometimes.

I can’t wait to spend my Saturday cheering on my Tide!

Happy Weekend! Roll Tide!



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