Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXVI

Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXVI

Happy September!?!

The beginning of this week mostly revolved around hurricane prep. We were luckily already scheduled to be out of town. I pulled the outside objects inside, prepped what I could not move inside and prayed for the best. Luckily it looks like most of Beaufort came out ok.

What a wonderful young man! I hope he gets to Disney.

Riley Kate’s due date is 9/7/17. I got some #rikeykateslovies ready in preparation. Im sure some people think, you are still doing that? Yep, til the day I die. It helps me to feel her light continuing to spread throughout the world as well as honors my own light and feelings. As well as spread some love, because the world always needs more of that.

Friday on the way home from Charlotte I stopped at TJs to grab some more dark chocolate almonds. We are making DIY protein snack packs for Ryan’s work snacks and we add a few of those. I also hit the jackpot because they gad pumpkin Kringle. It freezes well so I grabbed two. I actually got to go twice this week! We stopped by in Cape Cod too.

Check out our Lofoten Island trip recap.

Chocolate Tree’s All You Can Eat Night. enough said. Next year I will be more prepared with a plate. Some people legit had a glass of milk with a straw and a plate on top. Like the straw went through the plate.

We left Monday for Cape Cod. Most exciting, seeing my sissy. We haven’t seen each other since Memorial Day! It was a fun trip and the weather was perfect. More on our trip soon. Give us all the lobster rolls.

Downton soon!!!



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