Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXV

Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXV

Happy for real football weekend! I am so excited.

Last weekend, Ryan’s parents came to visit. We spent some time together strolling the streets of Beaufort and driving around to scope out different house areas.

The three of us climbed the Lighthouse at sunrise. We left Mr Night Owl at home. A rainy but beautiful one.

We had a few nest inventories this week. Im sad it will be over before we know it.

Im trying to make a list of what we will pack for hurricanes. Obviously we can not take everything. I want to put the stuff we do want to take into easily grab-able boxes. I figured the things we take for a tropical storm will be less and different from what we take for a higher category. Any ideas or advice? Always the important documents. Maybe always the yearly photo albums. Maybe higher category the Christmas ornaments. I have some sentimental family stuff too. NEED. A. PLAN. AND. A. LIST.

Thursday, I had a football tailgate kickoff party with my little cousins. Ill post more details on our graze board. I posted the Team Spirit Cookie Dough Bites on Tuesday.

Lindsay Letter’s is a creator I have been following for years. Her daughter has a traumatic brain injury. I have been following and praying for sweet Eva Love. But mainly my point in saying this was to commend the other women in the Instagram business community who have lifted them up by using their social media platforms to raise awareness and money. It is simply beautiful and a great reminder of how much we need each other in life. We were not made to live life alone and seeing women raise each other up and support each other is inspiring.

New nails! So ready for football!

Ryan and I started making Ryan a homemade, DIY version of these. Anyone do anything similar? Have tips or inspiration to share?

Happy Weekend!



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