Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXIV

Fabulous Friday 2019, XXXIV

Happy weekend! It has been a packed week over here. Em spent the week with us before school starts back.

We made stepping stones at Hunting Island. If you are visiting the area check the website for available programs and events. HI offers a few craft activities. I can’t wait to try more crafts.

Nails of the week. Color Street Mint To Be and Raise Your Voice.

Em met her first baby turtle this week and a few more. It was so fun to share that experience with her.

I am unsure why in 2019 are we still having animal poaching problems. Poor Green Sea Turtles.

We visited the South Carolina aquarium, Charles Towne Landing and Trader Joe’s with our friend Kaitlyn. While at the aquarium we were able to visit Banazi the turtle rescued on Hunting Island. She is recovering from the shark attack and they anticipate being able to release her.

We made edible cookie dough and I might have created a cookie dough monster.

I bought Em a matching Simplified Planner this year. I wrote love notes, positive affirmations and such throughout. I hope she is able to use it. We talked this summer about listing happy things when you are sad, thinking about a good memory, deep breaths, and listing things you are thankful to have. I personally feel like people in general often forget kids have to be taught coping skills to navigate life. You are not just born knowing. As well as how to name your emotions, feel them and talk through them. I hope it better equips her for life and its inevitable hard times.

I have been diving into the Enneagram more this summer. I found an interesting article on the best types of rest.

A new Kate Spade and Minnie Mouse collection. I need the ring!

Happy Weekend!



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