Fabulous Friday, XXXI

Fabulous Friday, XXXI

Happy August? While I am super pumped about football season, I can not believe how fast this year has gone.

We went to Mimi and Shark’s beach house last weekend. Had fun playing with cousins and nest sitting and cupcakes of course.

Tuesday’s turtle walk produced no nest in our zone but a beautiful sunrise and shrimp boat close by.

I made some double batches of white chicken enchiladas. I adapted a few recipes so I will post here one day. But my point today is a friendly reminder that you can shred chicken with your stand mixer or hand mixer. It took about three minutes to do six pounds. You can use a hand mixer for a lighter job or if you want a chunkier shred. The stand mixer can get it semi fine which I like. Of course it also might do a chunkier shred if I did not put six pounds it all at once.

Scarlett and Gold launched some cute football gear this week. I may or may not have ordered three shirts too many. I did order myself one semi neutral shirt for moments where I find myself behind enemy lines with humans that I love slightly more than football.

I documented our Iceland trip this week. Norway portion is coming soon, along with all of our pictures.

We hope our friends come visit us in South Carolina. We have two spare queen beds. But we probably will request Party Dip and Conecuh Cajun Sausage if you come from Alabama. Wal-Mart stocks plain Conecuh but not Ry’s favorite.

If you are on Instagram will you follow @huntingislandsc. I am managing it for the volunteer group Friends of Hunting Island, which is also the group that does the sea turtle conservation. Even if you are not local it will hopefully help us raise awareness and help our state park and turtles. Slowly learning about Instagram algorithms, any tips you know I am a willing learner.

Happy Weekend!



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