Fabulous Friday, XXVI

Fabulous Friday, XXVI

Happy Weekend, friends! I am excited that my favorite month is almost here. July 4th and my birthday.

We had a magical past weekend. We skipped town to spend a few days with Mickey and Minnie. Em and I were so brave, we rode Space Mountain. Poor thing cried and told me she was trying to meditate during it. Well I can not say that I will ride it again any time soon and at least those life skills I have been trying to teach her are some what sinking in. I will do a full recap soon.

Tuesday was a great day on the beach for our turtles. I was blessed enough to relocate these 122 little guys and girls to higher ground. The King Tide comes next week so we are trying hard to keep them safe. A King Tide is a season exceptionally high tide and sea turtles breath air through their egg shells so being washed over too many times can cause them to essentially drown.

The first sessions of Tate Camp have come to a close and I honestly have been lonely without her. I did bring home a friendly sore throat and congested sinuses from the magical Petri Dish. So I have been trying to take it somewhat easy.

I finished By Invitation Only. A good feel good book. Any recommendations for my next reads? We are going on a true vacation soon and I need some ideas, although honestly I usually get more reading done at home than on vacation.

My little flower garden is really taking off. I need to start planning Fall flowers soon.

In case you missed it. I am managing the Hunting Island/Friends of Hunting Island Instagram page so please go give us a follow.

New hair.

Since July 4th is coming up and my birthday, and Ryan is working the next forever and we are lacking friends here…I am planning on making my own kinda magic including this salad from What’s Gaby Cooking and our family’s secret hash recipe.

Happy weekend.



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