Fabulous Friday, XXV

Fabulous Friday, XXV

Happy Friday!We had a fun week. Em and I traveled back to BHM and then back to SC. We got to visit with family and friends.

Of course I stopped by Pepper Place.

I got a smore from Wayne and Cassie at the Birmingham Candy Co. It was amazing! Swing by the Pizitz for their Summer of Smores on Saturdays.

We had a jam packed week. Monday we did the Moonlight lighthouse climb. It was so cool for a different perspective. After only a few tears Em embraced it. On Thursday she climbed with no tears. Yay for being courageous. We also were able to go up into the light room.Tuesday we had turtle day. We were in some filmed footage for the Hunting Island Visitor Center renovations.

I am now managing the Friends of Hunting Island Instagram page. If you are on Instagram give us a follow.We got some fairy hair for summer.

Did some Disney craft projects. Mickey and Minnie’s Birthday celebration outfits was my inspiration.Its no secret that I love Allbirds. I think I might need these Tide Pool colored wool runners for our upcoming trip.

We played in tbe garden and sprinkler. As well as finally a pool trip that lasted longer than five minutes before the thunder came.

I was fortunate enough to spend most of Tuesday night on the beach watching turtles. We saw two mamas. This pictures were taken with just the moon as light.

Please remember to be respectful of sea turtles and never approach a nesting mama unless you are on a guided walk with professionals.I have been listening to the That Sounds Fun Podcast by Annie F Downs. She is one of my favorites and she is doing a EnnaeaSummer special. The Enneagram is also one of my favorite things. I definitely want to do a deep dive blog post on this soon. BUT for now, the Enneagram for those that dont know, is a personality typing system. There are nine numbers. Each with strengths and weaknesses. As with any thing use it for a resource and guide not a “gospel” so to say. Do not let it box you in or define you. But I personally have learned alot about myself. It has even helped me discover some things I can easily see as hard or negative are good and true of me.

ALL that to say if you know and love me and want to know more about my inner workings. Take a listen to the episode from That Sounds Fun on Enneagram six. For a brief but information overview listen to the first ten minutes or so. For a complete deep dive listen to the entire episode and the first ten minute overview of Five as well. I am a six wing five. Again deep dive coming soon.

Happy Weekend! Enjoy.



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