Fabulous Friday, XXIV

Fabulous Friday, XXIV

Happy Weekend!

Man this week flew by. And next week is another fun but busy one.

We spent last Saturday hanging at the beach. It rained a bit but that didnt spoil our mermaid time and beach naps.

Most of the week in Beaufort was a wet one.

I filled my bird feeder with food but obviously its really just a squirrel feeder.

Em and I tried to go swim twice but the thunder kept us from enjoying more than just a few minutes.

Eco-friendly glitter!!! In love. I must order some.

No turtles in our zone this week but we did play with hermit crabs, see a Blue Heron and dolphins.

My feels exactly on some days. 🤣😂🤣

Im trying to drink more water. What’s your go to trick?

Happy Weekend! Enjoy!



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