Fabulous Friday, XXIII

Fabulous Friday, XXIII

Happy Weekend!

We spent last weekend in Pensacola picking up this girl. We went to the pool and Wahooos game with friends. We also went to a few of Ryan’s old favorite haunts. He spent some time there for school when we dated. We also noticed the unbelievable tree damage along I10 from the hurricane. I can not imagine what the actual coast looks like.

We found nest #35 on Turtle Tuesday. This one needed to be relocated since it will not hatch before the July 3/4 King tide. Em was in love as usual. She then feel asleep on the way home.

A garden update. I have the first of some zinnias peeking out. The sunflowers are growing. I also have a huge squash plant that is taking over. I did not plant anything edible just flowers but this one must have been in the wrong pouch of seeds. I finally also got my dahlias in the ground and moved some zinnias around so they will not be too crowded.

Hydrangea propagation is a going well. I have six successfully still alive plants and I will count that as a win. I lost all of the strawberry shortcake hydrangeas but the others are thriving. It makes me so happy! Look at those roots! I did most in dirt but this one and a strawberry shortcake one in water.

I have been seeing the chiropractor and massage therapist to try to help me with some hip/glute pain. I was fussed at for wearing flat flip flops so I have some new Vionic flip flops and Birks on order. I might need some slippers to wear around the house too since barefooted is not good but hello I am the barefooted mermaid and hate wearing shoes inside.

Em and I have gone to Family Flow yoga class this week. Finding a place of love, non judgement and acceptance is hard to find when it comes to exercise places but luckily maybe we have!

It had been a wet end to the week here so Em and I have been organizing and watching movies.

A 14 year old baked enough cupcakes in a year to take his 7 family members to Disney! Wow!

How cute is this dad helping his daughter hula hoop?



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