Fabulous Friday, XXI

Fabulous Friday, XXI

Happy long weekend! We made it!

We are no longer home owners. Hallelujah! Celebrate!!! Whoo!! We are in no rush to own again.

Last weekend Em has her last day of school nineth birthday. First day of third grade versus last day.

Em and I had a popsicle Pepper Place breakfast. Of course we also had matching nails.

Teddy’s birthday and Tare’s med school graduation where Saturday. Phew. What a weekend. Filled with much celebration, fun and love.

We took the last load of BHM house stuff to Beaufort.

Ryan had a birthday. I usually am great at doing celebrations. But this year I just had to wrap his present in a blanket. It felt like an easy out but he got new living room speakers which were huge!

I battles with the racoons over the trash. We finally just put bungee cords on the trash cans.

Hunting Island saw the 17th nest of the season Tuesday and the sunrise was spectacular. Today nest #23 was found!

I am vising with family in Portland, Maine. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. I can’t wait to bring Ryan back to visit. So far we have taken a few boat rides. Seen eagles, loons, a beaver, a turtle, blue herons, and all sorts of birds.

Sesame Street now has a foster child character. Love this.

Beautycounter is constantly making improvements to the beauty industry and the brand. This week they announced a plan to help reduce, recycle packaging better.

Some college grads were surprised that the commencement speaker is going to pay off their student loans.

Enjoy the weekend!



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