Fabulous Friday, XVIII

Fabulous Friday, XVIII

Happy Weekend!

It was a week full of relaxing, playing and a little unpacking and cleaning for me.

Ryan and I watched the MCAS Air Show from our backyard. What a thrill to watch them practice and the actual air show. Their flight paths often had them flying directly overhead.

I made some raised garden beds, all by myself I might add. I planted some sunflowers, zinnias and dahlias.

Lowcountry sunsets are truly magic.

I finally am official. It took some convincing them DMV that I live here.

We saw Endgame this week. No spoilers but…It was so good.

Spartina 449 is having a 20% off sale this week.

Did you know Caboodles are back? I may have ordered a sweet little girl one for her birthday.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I am looking forward to visiting friends.

Prayers for this house to be signed, sealed and delivered soon. Lots of celebrating coming up on May. Prayers for all those celebrating. A few things that are heavy on my heart but too tender and personal and involving others but just keep those in your mind.

I started doing a weekly celebration at the beginning of the year but fell off. Want to get back too it. This week I’m celebrating the beginning of turtle nesting season and my first official walk as a turtle lady.



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