Fabulous Friday, XVII

Fabulous Friday, XVII

Happy Friday from the East coast.

I’ve enjoyed some relaxing time this week. Caught up on some shows, done some closet purging and house unpacking.

Literally, one of my childhood dreams came true this week as I attended turtle training and I’m officially a turtle lady. I can’t wait for a fun filled summer.

The Cook Once Eat All Week cookbook by Cassy Joy Garcia launched this week. Revolutionary. I highly recommend. You cut down cost by using all your ingredients. I got 12-14 servings for $50.

I’ve got my hydrangea cuttings hopefully taking root. Some of these are from the plant my mama gave me for my first Mother’s Day so I’m praying it works so I can take a little of that plant with me.

This week I went to Pure Salt Studios for some halotherapy. Mainly it was relaxing and I was in the studio alone so I tried to do some meditation and unplug for 45 mins.

I visited.Old Town Bluffton which is adorable, the Spartina Flagship store as well as the Farmer’s Market.

My shoulders became a little burned just walking around the Farmer’s Market for less than an hour. So I popped a Beautycounter mineral sunscreen stick into my purse to have on me at all times.

UAB plans to become a net zero waste campus and hospital. How amazing!

Happy Weekend!



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