Fabulous Friday, XIII

Fabulous Friday, XIII

Happy Weekend! This year is moving right along.

This week was packed FULL of fun.

Mumford and Sons on Saturday night. I always forget how much I love going to concerts until I am there then I listen to music after the live music is just so much better!

I drove to NC to drop off some things at my aunt’s house on the way to Beaufort. This house selling business had my anxiety sky HIGH while I was driving and thinking despite music and and an audiobook. So in Chattanooga I took a few to take a grounding walk around the North Shore and the park.

Of course hair appointment day always makes me feel better. How am I going to find a replacement!?!

Aunt Amy and I took a fun, short hike. I love the mountains the summer lush but also when you can see their bones in the winter.

The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley launches next Wednesday. I think I am switching from the Daily to the Weekly version this time. There are six cover options this are my top three. I can NOT decide. Navy Bloom, Garden Party, or Mint Tile? What’s your vote for me. I also LOVE the pink pineapples, but this year I have the mint pineapple daily but I like to swap around. I’ve had two pineapple versions and Happy Stripe so thinking a floral this year. I am a paper girl all the way.

I made it to Beaufort in time for the best fried green tomatoes for dinner.

An article from Love What Matters popped up on my news feed and I could not agree more. Basically the article says we put children in time out, ground them, spank them etc for acting out but then expect them to talk to us when they are teenagers. I fully believe most of the time when babies are “acting out” they are tired, frustrated, upset, lonely, etc. They do not know how to label these emotions much less feel, process, communicate and redirect these feelings. They are not born knowing. It must be taught. Heck most adults do not know how to feel, explore, process, communicate and recover feelie feels. So how can we expect babies too. They also need to be taught you can have an outburst, negative experience processing your emotions but still take ten and not let the few bad moments ruin the entire day. I also recently saw an article about putting a small child in the tub with candles (supervised of course), bath salts and music because one must be taught self care/grounding/centering behaviors. Food for thought.

And…Although I don’t have an earthly baby I have one that knows how to push my buttons unlike any other so I’m not saying you have to be perfect and always redirect and explore their acting out. I lose my cool too just like any other human. Then I have to apologise, redirect and explore my own reasons for being short.

On the house front PLEASE keep those prayers coming. I have a lot of why questions of why can’t things be good and easy and headache and heartache free? And why do I have to worry so much. Blah. Anyways please keep smooth seas ahead in your prayers. Im ready for good and easy and over.

Happy Friday! Enjoy!



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