Fabulous Friday, X

Fabulous Friday, X

Happy Friday! Another busy week in the books.

Many thanks to my mother-in-law and father-in-law for all their hard work they have put in helping us get the house updated on the market.

We go live soon! You can view the house MLS here and please share on your Facebook page and with friends.

Please pray for a quick sale and while we are at it maybe a multiple contracts bidding war. I mean dream big, always.

I saw Needtobreathe in concert in Huntsville. They were soul filling as always. It’s so fun to follow bands from close to their beginning. Loved the new lights.

This week I painted the outdoor table and pallette couch. Yes, they are staying with the house. And so are the twinkle lights. Thanks EB for your help with them!

Planted some plant babies for the front porch. Here is a tip for tall pots. I put bottles, cans, balled up paper and bags into the bottom (on top of the layer of rocks), then I used a plastic drop cloth on top for a solidish layer before adding the dirt and flowers. It makes it lighter and more easily movable, especially with these cold nights.

I saved us $500.00 (well really $475 if you subtract supplies). By crawling around and applying restoring oil and wax to our hardwoods. Umm, dang they look amazing if I do say so myself. And that money saved is a trip to The Castle right, honey?

I didn’t go see a movie this week but I did take a break to attend a flower arrangement class at Wild Things in Homewood. So much fun!

Mimi and Shark are in Cali and have me dreaming of this roasted garlic we had when we visited a few years ago.



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