Fabulous Friday, IX

Fabulous Friday, IX

Each day is unique and precious, a coin to be spent thoughtfully. Waste nothing and your regrets will be few. The young cannot imagine death and for that reason they fear it. I am not afraid of death. I greet it as anyone who has a long and satisfying day’s work behind them greets sleep. I have loved the stars too well to fear the night. -Elizabeth Middleton Bonner The Endless Forest

Happy Weekend, lovies!

What a packed week. Last Friday I attended The Best Medicine Show where my sissy was Master of Ceremonies. I have attended before in my younger days but I forget how crazy talented those about to be MDs are.

I stopped by Pepper Place Market, saw some of my favorite “sweetest” 😂 friends. I made our beach treats with their homemade marshmallows. I don’t even know how, when, why or who came up with this idea but I know we had the frequently at the beach growing up. Saltines cracker, peanut butter, marshmallow broil in oven until marshmallow is slightly brown. So good. So nostalgic.

I attended ACLS class. Did my laundry. Ok I got my laundry done, worth every penny.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I worked for money. And Wednesday, Thursday, Friday I spent money, time and energy working on the house.

The outside is finished and I couldn’t be happier about how well it turned out. I had my doubts about white but it freshened it up! And now it’s time to leave. That’s how it goes right?

I have struggled to rest because all the things I need to do are running through my mind. I feel worn down today though so putting in a little extra effort to rest so I will be more productive in the long run.

I did have dinner with a friend and I plan on seeing a movie next week. Hold me to it!

I keep seeing little things around the house to touch up or noticing well now this paint looks great on the walls seems the door frame needs to be painted.

I did finish reading the 6th book of The Wilderness Series which is what the above quote comes from. Send me your fiction recommendations. I also listened to The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown. It’s one of those books I feel like everyone should be forced to read. So helpful!

Soon I’m going to start a creative, fun because I want to project and I can’t wait to be doing something other than house work.

I wrote a blog post on our trip to California in 2015, in case you missed it.



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