Fabulous Friday, VIII

Fabulous Friday, VIII

Happy Friday! Although I have ACLS and work Sunday so it does not seem like much of a weekend.

Finally house progress abounds. The half bathroom is finished. There has been progress on the outside painting but it needs to stop raining so it can be finished! After last week firing our contractor and getting a new one. Phew. What a mess this is a full time job.

I took off last week so Ryan, his parents and I could work on the house. We got most all the painting done. A few spots that I need to touch up. Yay for progress. But still somewhat feels like so much.

Embug spent the weekend with us. She somehow just in the past few weeks looks grown to me. I realized she will be double digits in 15 months. I introduced her to a party pally. Unsure how she made it this far in life without.

I went to hot pilates and didn’t die although it sure did feel like it! Today my underarms are sore.

I love P!nk’s new song Walk Me Home.



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