Fabulous Friday 2019, VI

Fabulous Friday 2019, VI

Happy Weekend!

I spent some of the past weekend in MS visiting my favorite girlies. We hung out, rested, got snuggles and visited Laurel.

I did not feel well on Sunday so I did not accomplish as much as I would have liked, but thanks to my mama for picking up my groceries, my neighbor for a football food plate, my sissy for lunch.

The outside painting job is wrapping up, hopefully we can push through and get this wrapped up and on the market. Except today the power line on the house fell off. I called Alabama Power they seemed it would be no problem. Just stay away from the line since I still had power to the house it was live. I had some errands to run and a friend to meet so I left the house. After instructing Alabama Power and the men working on the house to call me with any problems. Well when I arrived home at 6 pm on a Friday night. I had no power because it’s not Alabama Powers problem I have to pay an electrician to have it fixed. I called to find out what was going on and apparently they put a note in the system at 2 pm today but no one could bother to call me and alert me so I could find a solution before it was after hours and freezing cold. Ugh. Ill. Too bad Alabama Power is the only option. So I spent some time by candlelight.

I got some work in for some money this week. We need it with all this house work. Thus burning both ends of the candle I began Sunday with a stomach bug and midweek caught a cold. Message received body, I am TRYING to slow down.

Let’s talk house selling here. If you are the praying kind PLEASE pray big, grand, seemingly impossible prayers. Multiple offers within a few days of listing, money over listing price, I KNOW money is not everything and one must properly manage it but I really would love to be able to off (or down) Ryan’s student loans. What a blessing. I know it would be nothing short of a miracle. But I am sitting here in expectant waiting of a miracle not because we deserve one or because I feel like we have one due (ok like I do feel like all the sad, sickness, etc one would be nice), but because why not sit and expect and anticipate miracles. I think we will see and find them more with an expectant heart rather than a hardened, glass half empty heart.

Also no joke here. If you have any experience or talent at painting a wall, or if you have potential. If you come help me paint the interior of my house I will buy you dinner and an adult beverage, if you are old enough for an adult beverage legally, if not we can work out some cash payment.

Beautycounter launched their Brow Gel this week. I am excited to try it.

Key West banned sunscreen containing oxybenzone and octinoxate, which are known to cause damage to coral reefs. YAY!

I’ve been researching and dreaming of this Grace & I fruit press since we visited San Francisco a few years ago. So glad to have the mystery solved and now we can order them for cheese boards!



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