Fabulous Friday 2019, V

Fabulous Friday 2019, V

Happy Weekend, friends! And happy February! I know we will be starting to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in the blink of an eye but it felt like January lasted a full three months.

We unloaded the Uhaul and got settled into our house-y with some people we love minus some sadly too.

I found some beautiful flowers in out yard.

We also celebrated Shark’s birthday with cupcakes!

We found the Pluff Mud coffee company with a pay it forward wall. Be still my heart.

Unpacked many boxes. Unfortunately there is still an embarrassing amount to go. We hung lots of pictures and curtains. Ok, Ian and Shark hung lots of pictures and curtains.

Follow from the Mickey Oreos last week- legit.

I spent the night at work for the great snow of 2019. Except there was no snow. But better safe than sorry!

This gardenia candle is in my cart although it reminds me of Jasmine. The smell is sweet but not too strong.

We are making progress on prepping the Homewood house to be listed. I feel like I’m eating and breathing gray paint colors and soon I must move on to a bathroom floor. It you are the praying type let’s pray for the impossible short market time, multiple offers, over asking price. God and I have had many a conversation about the amount of money needed to pay off the house, Ryan’s student loans and have a little extra to start exploring a seed in my heart. Its praying big and believing it is possible.

I’m hoping to get all of our Greece pics posted soon and my Powersheets post up. House work has drained my body and soul a bit.

Also this is your public service announcement. You can get a free 6×6 Shutterfly book through the app one a month. You do have to pay shipping but this is a great way to get those pictures off your phone. I am making some for em. I’ll post mine when it comes. You can change the layout and add multiple pics. You can add additional pages for a fee if you want. I think they would make great birthday prizes, Mother’s day or Father’s day happies.



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