Fabulous Friday 2019, IV

Fabulous Friday 2019, IV

What a productive week it has been. Thankfully!!

I went to Pepper Place indoor Winter market last Saturday.

Ryan’s parents came over to help me pack and paint. What a wonderful big help they were. They painted the two of guest bedrooms and the guest bathroom!

I worked alot this week but only a little bit for actual money.

We ate some yummy food. Ethiopian twice and Mississippi Delta Hot Tamales.

Ryan and I got the UHaul to Beaufort yesterday. We unloaded a little today and our excitedly awaiting more family.

Did I buy these because the had Mickey on them yes I did. I haven’t tried them yet but Teddy has.

I tried watching Marvelous Mrs. Maisel earlier but didn’t love the pilot. But after hearing people rave I tried again and I am hooked.

Happy Weekend, Lovies!


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