Fabulous Friday 2019, III

Fabulous Friday 2019, III

Finally Friday! I was extra looking forward to Friday because I have my Dr appointment to see about this stomach pain. So ready for some answers so we can fix the pain.

This week has been survival mode. Survive the pain, work and make it til the weekend. Just praying for answers and reduced pain.

I have been able to get a bit of packing done but not a ton. During my breaks I have watched Marie Kondo in hopes of feeling inspired. I have just tried to embrace the chaos.

I have been looking for a cheap unlined sherpa and think I found one. Any other suggestions?

Beautycounter launched Counterman this week, which has been three years in the making. They are working to bring safer products into the hands of everyone. And everyone means everyone.

Pepper Place indoor market starts this weekend and I can not wait!

This is a a to be filmed in Fairhope. This is about this sister if one of my fellow Capstone College of Nursing graduates.

I am not going to lie it’s been a week that is hard to find a celebration. I guess my proudest thing is I took time for myself to get a massage, go to the dr and asking for help because I needed it. Which asking for help is something I do not like to do. I’ve been taking lots of warm baths.

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