Fabulous Friday 2019, I

Fabulous Friday 2019, I

Happy Friday!

We watched some football this past weekend. Roll Tide! And did some packing of course.

This week has flown by. We didn’t do much besides work on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Our fabulous neighbor did hook us up with the greens, ham, black eyed peas and corn bread.

We packed the rest of the week. I can’t believe it is time for Ryan to move. We have done some major De-cluttering but so much more to go.

Today has been extra hard. Tomorrow we set off on the real steps of our grand adventure and I am feeling all the feels. Here is my life tip for you. Create a treasure box and fill it will things good and true. Things to remind they light in your soul to burn brighter. Shark, I’m going to need a bigger treasure box please. I hope, wish and pray that when you do have that treasure box you are able to fill it. I pray that it is filled with words, memories and mementos that bring big sloppy heart warming gratitude of tears sliding down your face when you need them the most. Thanks to those of you that have filled my treasure box. I also hope your treasure box still somehow smells like your most magical place on Earth. And then comes the gentle heart reminder that’s it that’s the place we are moving too. Sure there will be bills to pay, jobs to attend and life won’t be bustling with the people we love right there in arms distance but the magic and love is there just the same.

Please continue to pray for our move and me a new job. The lead I thought I had turned out now to come to be. It’s got me feeling and extra special dose of anxious.

I attended a hot yoga class this week and I did not die, so that is my celebration for the week. 😂

Saw this on Insta unknown where it originally came from. But how true!!!

Have a wonderful weekend! ❤️



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