Fabulous Friday, XXVI

Fabulous Friday, XXVI

Happy Winter Solstice! I can not believe Christmas is here essentially and the year is almost over!

This past week I spent some time with a friend shopping and getting baby snuggles. I bought this sparkly wallet for 70% off. Bonus because it fits my phone. 

I had to work part of the weekend but Sunday I spent elf-ing around trying to get ready for Christmas and tidy the house. 

As many of you already saw we will be moving to Beaufort, SC in the new year. We are sad to leave family and friends but excited about a new adventure. We may stay for anywhere between just one year and forever. We found a place to rent at the beginning of the week. 

Wednesday and Thursday brought work with more elf-ing. 

I ha e felt a bit sick the end of this week. Ryan has been sick no doubt something we picked up from the most magical petri dish on Earth.

We are beginning our Christmas celebrations this weekend. I can not believe it’s here.

Got presents!?! All ready to make the rounds.

This is a mindfulness mark a visual reminder to remind me to be fully present this season. To accept what life brings this season. Enjoy. Learn. Grow. And not to set my expectations of myself or others too high. You can grab yourself a Lumen Kind temporary tattoo or use any piece of jewelry or other visual reminder.

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