Fabulous Friday, XXIV

Fabulous Friday, XXIV


I picked Em up on Friday. We played, watched Christmas movies, had fried rice for dinner and went to take pictures with Santa.

Saturday we to a rainy Pepper Place. There were not too many vendors there so we grabbed Em’s favorite chicken minis for breakfast. We played a little before meeting her daddy. I ran some errands then game time. Holy Moly. What a Cinderella story. I don’t care who you are Jalen Hurts, a class act.


My Mama came by Sunday, we hit up the Summit. Ran some errands. Picked up my Christmas present. Lilly P accidentally sent the confirmation email to me instead of my mom so I already knew what it was. We made Butter Bear bath bombs at Lush. We also saw our friends at the Birmingham Candy. I got some cotton candy and other goodies.

Monday I helped the lovely Danika Brysha with her virtual Brunch series.


This week also brought new hair color and new nails.

A little work mixed with a little Christmas elving.


I am all ready for Christmas cards. Expect ours to be a little late.

Our little elves are playing in our clothes. They must want to be a Disney unicorn mermaid princess too.

I do not love fake trees but vintage looking tinsel trees I do love.

I want to try this Reindeer food (aka puppy chow/muddy buddies).

I have post all three parts of our Greece trip. Please give them a glance if you have not. Athens, Santorini, and Crete.IMG_20181202_124102

It’s the 25 days of love for #rileykateslovies. If you want to do an act of love in memory of Riley Kate please do no matter how big or small. I can mail you a card if you want.

Happy Friday, Lovies!

I hope you are soaking up the Holiday Season. And if its less than happy thoughts this time of year, I hope you are giving yourself self love, grace and kindness.

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