Fabulous Friday, XXIII

Fabulous Friday, XXIII

Time is flying! How is November almost over?!?


This past weekend I grabbed some goodies at Pepper Place Market. We snuggled in at home watching football and the Iron Bowl.


We took a late night trip to the movies to see The Nutcracker. It was beautiful and good. We tried out the renovated theater in Vestavia. Recliners with heated seats. We wont pay that money for every movie because we are cheap and wait til most movies come to the dollar theater. But any movies we do see brand new we will see there.

I am gearing up for the 25 days of acts of love or #rileykateslovies in celebration of our sweet baby. If you would like to do an act of love in her honor let me know and I can get a card in the mail to you. Last year we asked everyone that would have bought her a Christmas gift to do an act of love no matter how small in her honor and then tell us so we could experience her light and love in the world. It was such a healing blessing and you can expect us to continue this all of our days.

I blogged about our visit to Santorini in October.

I grabbed this OPI Nutcracker nail polish advent calendar! I can’t wait to countdown with nail polish.

The cold weather and hand washing has my skin so dry. I have this Baby Balm (not just for babies) in my purse at all times now.

You know how much I love a good party, celebrations, and traditions. I bought the Cultivate What Matters Celebration Binder during Black Friday and I can not wait to dive in.

I decked what was left if the halls this week. All the pastels and pinks inspired by vintage Christmas and our sweet baby.

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