Fabulous Friday XXII

Fabulous Friday XXII

Happy Black Friday!

I hope your week has been filled with whatever fills your soul. Whether that’s family, food, friends, shopping, decorating, rest, travel, work, love, peace, and quiet.

It’s been a fast week over here. We prepped for visiting family and friends. I had some wonderful baby snuggly visitors earlier in the week. Ryan’s family came to celebrate Thanksgiving and Memaw’s birthday.

Last weekend we found our Christmas tree. Let Em burn off some energy. The lights went out of the Christmas tree later in the week but luckily it was easily revived by changing out the fuses.

I went to a cake decorating class and made a Thanksgiving flower arrangement. I forgot how much creating beautiful things with my hands grounds me.

We could use some good thoughts, prayers and guidance for upcoming life if you have any to spare.

Im currently reading Dawn of a Distant Shore.

We also ordered our Greece book. Check the Artifact Uprising website for a Black Friday weekend deal!

Ryan bough Oxiclean stain remover to try to get some ink out of my better sweater. I used it on my white tablecloth on soak mode a few times and it did wonders for my stained table cloth.

Are you shopping online, in-store, local or all this weekend?

Happy Weekend! And Roll Tide!



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