The Barefoot Mermaid Travels to Athens, Greece

The Barefoot Mermaid Travels to Athens, Greece


We spent our 5th anniversary in Greece. We visited Athens and some trips around the mainland before island hopping to Santorini and Crete. We covered many historical places that my brain literally can not compute the time frame. I’m going to post about the three main places we went and also do a big gallery of pictures.

We spent three nights in Athens at the beginning of our trip. We rented an Athen’s Air B&B with Acropolis views. We then travel to Nafplio in the Peloponnese. Here we stayed one night at Leto Nuevo Hotel. The Peloponnese was beautiful and I wish we had spent more time here. There were citrus and olive trees everywhere as well as views of the surrounding seas.

Our arrival day in Athens, Ryan was not feeling well so we rested a bit before grabbing dinner. Off of Monastiraki Square. We ate at O Thanasis, we thought. There is a row of about four or five restaurants on both sides of the street that all appear to have the same name and food. Another night we returned to try out what we think is the one we meant to go to on the first night. The food was good both nights but definitely better at the second O Thanasis. Walking away from the square its up the road a bit on your left. It has a grey stone like exterior. Ryan’s food was delicious. Another day we grabbed Kosta’s which was delicious but lacking sauce in my opinion. Most days for breakfast we stopped in a bakery. I always got a cheese pie and Ryan typically got some sausage/cheese combination. In the evening we would pop in whatever bakeries we were close to for sweet treats. Be prepared to sit and wait at dinner in Greece. It is not a hurried affair and they are not looking to turn tables over quickly.

The next day we had a tour guide and did all the things. I can not recommend a tour guide enough. We use Viator to book a guide. We have now had one in Rome, Athens and Heraklion. They really are worth the money. Providing expert knowledge, local tips and really can bring a pile of rubble to life. I learned so much like that statues what we think of as white used to be painted. There is actually technology now that scans the statues and can produce an imagine of designed and colors often missing to the naked eye.

We visited the Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum of Greece, and Acropolis. It was a full but educational day. Holy it was amazing. All the history and learning all the things. We were able to mostly dodge the rain from the Medicane. Yes, Mediterranean hurricane…what the what? We also stopped by The Poet Sandalmaker to grab my anniversary present from Ryan, who researched and came up with that idea all on his own.

The next day we took a day trip to Archaeological Site of Delphi. The rain ran the fine line between adventure and misery. But the mist and fog definitely enhanced the mystery of the majestic oracle. We had quite the adventure on the way home when the water on the road began to come over the wheel into the passenger floor board.

The next day we headed to Nafplio. Along the way we stopped at Mycenae and Tiryns. Both sites date back to the 15th century BC. WOW! I literally have a hard time calculating that time frame out in my head. It is amazing what they can learn about these ancient civilizations and there expanded world of commerce and trading.

That evening we wondered around the charming town of Napflio. We grabbed lunch at Gallika Salon de The & French Bakery. It was not Greek but yummy still. We had dinner at a somewhat disappointing fish house.


We visited the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus. Which was an ancient healing center. You know the nurse in me loved that. It was expansive with many buildings and the best preserved theater from that time. We then went to one of my favorite places the Temple of Poseidon. This mermaid girl loved the cliffs overlooking the sea. On the way to stay close to the airport at Apartment Tina, we pulled over to watch a spectacular sunset. The next morning we had an early morning fly to Santorini. Check back next week for our days there!

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